Distinctive Mid Century Asheville Homes, Mid Century Modern Architects

Lawrence “Larry” Traber

Lawrence “Larry” Traber was a prolific architect who practiced in Asheville from the 1960’s through the 1990’s. Traber designed numerous private homes as well as many iconic commercial buildings and condo complexes in Asheville. Known as “the Cliffhanger” for his ability to design homes on steep slopes, Traber’s innovative modern designs were featured in Architectural Digest among other publications

Traber’s personal home in North Asheville

Born in Gainesville GA, Traber moved to Asheville NC in 1944 and graduated from Lee Edwards High School. He attended two years at Duke pre-med, served in the Army 1955-1957, then attended North Carolina State University School of Design, graduating with a degree in Architecture in 1962. After interning and working with firms in California and North Carolina, Traber started his own firm in 1965 and continued designing in Asheville and Florida until 2014.

Stone and wood elements and open spaces with lofted ceilings and large windows are the hallmarks of Traber’s designs.

Traber designed numerous homes in Biltmore Forest as well as North Asheville’s Sunset Mountain, Horizon Hill and Lake View Park neighborhoods

5 Brookside Rd. in Biltmore Forest

5 Brookside Rd in Biltmore Forest was designed by Traber in 1966.

Traber plans for 5 Brookside Road, the Ivey House

Traber designed many iconic commercial buildings and condo projects including Crowfields, The Timbers and Piney Mountain Condos

For more about Larry Traber visit: https://www.ncmodernist.org/traber.htm

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