Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods

Exploring Asheville’s Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods

The best place to begin any Asheville home search is by exploring areas and neighborhoods. There’s a lot to explore and consider if you’re new to our area. Finding a mid-century modern home in Asheville can feel like finding a needle in a haystack unless you know where to look. North, south, east and west all have some great neighborhoods where you are likely to find a cool MCM home. If you have your heart set on a mid-century modern home here are some ideas for beginning your exploration.

North Asheville 28804

Lakeview Park Four miles from downtown is one of only a few neighborhoods in Asheville with a lake. Lake View Park is certainly one of the most sought-after locations to live in Asheville. Winding streets showcase stately traditional homes along with an array of fabulous ranch and mid-century modern homes, many built by noted mid-century modern architects. To get a sampling of the variety of homes there travel north on Merrimon Ave (25) and then right on Midland Rd. or W. Euclid Parkway. More info on Lakeview Park

Grove Park– treelined streets with sidewalks, large historic homes and some impressive 1960’s mid-century modern homes. Charlotte Street to Edwin which turns into Kimberly will take you through the main area. Country Club Rd and Griffing Blvd are nice side streets to check out.

Beaverdam feels more rural but is still very convenient to town. There’s a variety of housing including several notable MCM homes. Travel Beaverdam Rd. to Faircrest and then check out Woodbury Rd and Kent Place for some interesting homes.

Woodland Hills is a neighborhood between Asheville and Weaverville. Developed in the 1960’s by James Barfield, Woodland Hills is a neighborhood of mostly brick ranch homes with a number of 1970’s contemporary homes sprinkled in. Although Woodland Hills was developed as a planned community, it is thoughtfully arranged so as to take advantage of the surrounding natural beauty and it’s a great walking community with mature trees and lots of greenery to enjoy along the way. There are three different sections – the Highlander Rd Section off 25 heading north (look for Highlander Rd). The Lake Section (Briarwood Rd) and the New Stock Rd. Section (Woody Lane) are off New Stock Rd. More info on Woodland Hills.

South Asheville 28803

Biltmore Forest- luxury living in an established neighborhood, Biltmore Forest is a neighborhood with natural landscaping and distinctive homes on generous sized lots. Located in south Asheville, you can enter from Hendersonville at several points as you head south. Along with Craftsman, Tudor and Normandy homes there are many outstanding mid-century modern homes. Homes designed by Henry Gaines, Larry Traber, Charlie Sappenfield and Bert King. More info on Biltmore Forest

Oak Forest is a neighborhood consisting of mostly MCM ranch homes. The first homes were constructed in the mid 1950s and the development continued through the late 1960s -a picturesque neighborhood with a gentle topography, mature trees and nicely landscaped lawns. It’s a great walking neighborhood and a convenient drive to everything. Located just off of Hendersonville Rd (25)in south Asheville. More Info on Oak Forest

Ballantree off 25-A has a variety of homes, but mostly MCM ranch homes, split levels and contemporary designed homes. The neighborhood was developed by noted architect Robert Deigert in the late 1960s.There are approximately 170 homes in Ballantree. Nicely situated on lots with established trees and a natural setting you will find a mix of one-level brick ranches, split-levels and contemporary homes. Located just off 25-A in south Asheville. More info on Ballantree 

East Asheville 28805

Beverly Hills – When I think of classic Asheville neighborhoods, Beverly Hills is certainly one that comes to mind. Nestled around the Municipal Golf Course in east Asheville, the winding roads and beautiful greenery give this community a special character. You will find a variety of MCM ranch homes, stone cottages and a few larger historic homes here. Fairway Drive is a good street to start exploring the neighborhood. More info on Beverly Hills

Haw Creek– A drive down New Haw Creek Rd will give you an idea of the variety of homes there. This is a large community with many smaller neighborhoods nestled within it and there are a few pockets of MCM ranch homes. Check out Dogwood Grove or Keasler Rd.

Botany Woods– Just a bit further east, is a neighborhood that is made up of mostly MCM ranches and Split-Level homes. Nestled on the banks of the Swannanoa River. There are still some values to be found here but you have to move quickly as homes don’t tend to linger on the market.

West Asheville- 28806

Malvern Hills Winding streets, sidewalks and greenery give it a suburban feel. The architectural styles of the homes are diverse but you will find many wonderful mid-century modern homes from the 1950s and 60s here.  Malvern Hills has a public pool and park with picnic areas, playground, tennis courts and walking trails. More info on Malvern Hills

Candler- 28715

Woodside Hills is a lovely, affordable neighborhood located just west of Asheville in Candler. This established community offers a traditional neighborhood feel, local conveniences and easy access to Asheville. Developed in the 1960s and 70s Woodside Hills features brick ranch homes, split-level homes and an atomic ranch or two sprinkled into the mix. Travel 19/23 west to a right on Asbury Rd. More info on Woodside Hills

These neighborhoods are all worth checking out but it isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. You can find MCM homes sprinkled all over the area. I’d love to discuss neighborhoods and buying a MCM home in the Asheville area. Give me a call at 828-545-2712 or email me at carol@mymosaicrealty.com. I’m here to help!

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