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Mid-Century Modern Design – Bringing the Outside In

Mid-century modern architecture found its place in post-war America and flourished for several decades, with the height of the movement occurring in the 1950’s so you could say the modern home truly came of age in the 1950’s and 60’s.The 1950’s and 60’s brought changes to the way people lived. There was a new informal lifestyle and this was reflected in home design.

It’s interesting to look at the key design elements of this period and see how Mid-century modern’s strong influences are still present in home-design today.

Bringing the outside in was one of the most important elements of MCM home design. Floor-to ceiling windows bring in light and provide a connection to nature.

Blending indoor and outdoor living, these retractable doors open to a screened porch which then opens to a flagstone patio.

Screened porches provide another way to feel connected to nature

Floor to ceiling windows, remove the boundaries of walls creating spaces that live larger.

Thanks to Outside-In Photography for photos 5-8.

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