Mid Century Ranch
Mid Century Home Renovation

My Mid Century House Renovation

Mid Century RanchMy husband and I were super excited when we bought our great 1969 mid century ranch house a little more than a year ago. We loved the beautiful setting, the large windows, hardwood floors in the living areas and the newer kitchen. We knew at the time we bought it that we would do some renovations to make it our own and to make the space work for us. That’s part of the fun, right? We have now lived here a while and brainstormed about how we would like to reconfigure the master suite. After agonizing over a plan and getting input and quotes from several contractors we plunged into the project head first.

The main problem that we had to figure out was a solution to a “too small to be functional master bathroom”. Shower, vanity and toilet all crammed into a tiny space, so tiny that the shower door could not be fully opened without hitting the toilet.

IMG_0755 IMG_0754

Since the master closet situated next to the bathroom was really not enough space for our stuff we opted to incorporate that space into the new bath.

IMG_0772 IMG_0764

We have also taken half of a very large hallway linen closet to make an alcove for the toilet as suggested by our renovator.

From the master bedroom we plan to add a French door entrance to the small bedroom beside it to create a closet/dressing room. Here’s the smaller bedroom that we are using as a master now.

Small bedroom pano

Finally we will renovate the hall bath and add a sliding barn door to the new smaller linen closet in the hallway.


We are two weeks into the work and our new bathroom is taking shape. More on the renovation soon.

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