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Love of the Ranch

I love the names -names with forest, hills or woods in them. Communities that were considered “the suburbs” and were all the rage when they were built between 1950 and 1970. Communities of mainly brick ranch homes with mature trees and a true neighborhood feel. Communities designed to establish roots, raise families and live “the American Dream”. These are the neighborhoods of an optimistic America and happy childhood memories.

Modern Ranch Homes Circa 1960

In post-war America, the ranch with it’s low, rambling silhouette, was a reaction to the box-like, compression of the bungalow. The ranch expressed freedom from boundaries, both physical and social. Sure, there are many homogenized ranches but there are some incredible gems as well.  No wonder there is a growing interest in mid-century homes – these solid, well-built homes lend themselves to simple living with easy connection to outdoor living space.  Find a ranch neighborhood and you will no doubt find mature trees, well cared for lawns and owners happily walking the neighborhood.

Woodland Hills West Fox Chase Brick Ranch House

There are a growing number of modern homes being built in Asheville and there are some amazing mid century gems that come on the market from time to time but many buyers are finding the ranch home an affordable and versatile choice for modern living in Asheville. The low profile and simple exterior belie the opportunity for personal expression on the interior- the ranch is a blank canvas, bring your vision!

Woodland Hlls- East Fox Chase Brick Ranch House

I get very excited about ranches, ooing and awing over a mid-century door with a recessed entrance, a row of casement windows or a retro paneled/shag carpeted, den. They don’t build ‘em like that anymore- that’s for sure! Asheville has some wonderful ranch neighborhoods and I’ll be highlighting them in future posts so unpack your lava lamps and stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Love of the Ranch

  1. Ellen

    Great introduction Ladies! I grew up in ranch homes on the West Coast and in the Mid West. They are spacious and family friendly. Looking forward to future posts. Get busy!

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