We are first time home owners, and working with Carol was incredibly helpful. We attempted to buy a home without a realtor a few months before we began working with Carol, and it was a very overwhelming and frustrating process. Carol was consistently patient and prompt in all her interactions with us over the months we searched. We visited numerous houses around our area, and Carol worked hard to tailor the houses to our interests. She helped us compare and contrast the merits of properties, and answered copious questions about features.When we finally decided on a home and began the buying process, Carol was a tremendous asset. She helped us contact reliable and affordable inspectors, make reasonable offers and counters, and coordinated much of the inspection and repair work on our behalf while we were at work. She’s also maintained support with us after purchase through mediating with the other agent to have signage removed and recommending contractors for future projects. We couldn’t have made it to homeownership without her. 

M. Greener